• Kimberly Faith

    Author and Speaker

    Inspiring leaders to own the power they do have™
    After 23 years of inspiring women and leaders around the world as a trainer and consultant, Kim is now responding to requests for keynote speeches. Her breadth of experience, authenticity, and sense of humor make her a natural fit for your audience.

  • Your Lion Inside

    Your power begins when your fear ends

    Written to influence women to release universal mindsets standing in their way, Your Lion Inside offers a roadmap to unleash the power you have always known deep down you had. As a partner in major transformations by women who have taken their success to the next level, Kim reveals how they did it, why they did it, and more importantly, how YOU can do it too. Prepare to be inspired . . .

  • Your Lion Inside

    The Defining Difference

    Your today and your tomorrow is.... choice!
    No one is going to build your brand except for you! Choose to define and clarify your personal brand. Breakthru Branding™ is a resource to help you accept it, drive it, own it. Download here today!


Kim is best known for training, executive coaching, facilitation, consulting and keynote speaking


Engaging and inspiring, Kim offers a variety of keynote options, with a special heart for conferences targeting women.



Serving as a resource for internal and external coaching, Kim has invested over 10,000 hours of her life to the design and support of adult learning.



Kim has designed programs for a multitude of organizations based on the fundamentals of adult learning theory. Her specialty is the ability to design emotionally engaging content into the learning.


Companies I? have had the privilege to work with...