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In the first edition of my book Your Lion Inside, I️ spotlighted five women who shared their personal stories about how they found the courage to #rewritetheNarrative. Be inspired as you read the journey of how they cycled through the three steps - the three gateways - to Pause, Reflect and Choose. Different walks of life. Different seasons of life. Yet they each discovered the power within . . . the same power that is available deep inside you as well.

How to Rise Above the Chaos: Focus on the Eye of the Peacock™

If I told you it is possible to move from feeling POWERLESS to POWERFUL, would you want to learn more? What if I told you there IS a way to stop the spinning and feeling out of control when life is overwhelming? The concept shared in this video, and further explained in the downloadable pdf, will shed light on a level of thinking many of us are not even aware is available to us. It can fundamentally change the way you approach life and help you achieve goals that might have slipped through your fingers in the past. Don’t wait – this power is available to you now!

Einstein once said “We cannot solve problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” How true that is! We have three different levels of thinking available to us to solve problems, achieve goals, and create the life we desire. Yet 90% of the population uses only one level, maybe two. What a difference it would make if we could lift our eyes and see our lives from a higher perspective. Believe it or not, we can tap into the power of NOT allowing ourselves to be sucked into the drama of daily events! How exhausting and tiresome life can be when you barely make it from one event to the next and the next? There is HOPE! We can choose to use another level of thinking that can fundamentally change the way we and others behave. Watch this video and then download the pdf to learn more. This is Video 2 of a series of 12 that inspire to see your life differently and write the narrative you want for your life.

How to Gain Perspective: A Hidden Lesson from Olympians™

The Olympics have sparked a collective conversation about the potential which lies inside us. What is it that makes these athletes stand out? Some would say talent. Others would say it is a mindset and a drive to win. Both would be correct BUT . . . there is one more key factor. This video takes a page out of the Olympian playbook. Their success shows how we ALL have the power to put structures in place to drive our behavior. It is possible to reach that stretch goal. The potential is inside us – waiting to be unleashed.

Just about any goal you have in life CAN be achieved. Maybe your goal is to improve your health, pursue a college degree, or start a new business. Perhaps it is to find a new career path or meet someone special. Yet far too often the events of life stand in our way draining our energy. We find ourselves at the end of another day wondering where the time went!

Good intentions are not enough. Let me say that again – GOOD INTENTIONS ARE NOT ENOUGH! If they were, many of us would have achieved our goal, solved our problem or created the life we wanted a long time ago. Instead, we can find ourselves stuck in a pattern of behavior holding us back. One that is not supporting the direction we SAY we want to go. So what do we do?

This video provides a tool to analyze the different levels of thinking we have available to us – Events, Patterns, & Structures. We can analyze the situation by working our way up the model but the POWER lies in making change down. This thought process can change the way you see your world! It is possible to put in a series of structures that nudge you each day in the direction YOU want to go. Deep down you already understand this concept. I have dissected the process so you can recreate it over and over again driving your life in a direction YOU want go. In essence we get out of our own way! We learn to Own the Power We DO Have™.

How to Gain Perspective: A Hidden Lesson from Olympians™ is video 3 in a series of 12. Each video builds on Einstein’s famous quote - “We cannot solve problems with the same level of thinking that created them.

Book Club Outline: Your LION Inside: Tapping into Your Power Within

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Your Lion Inside Excerpt

A key message from the book, Your Lion Inside, is the opportunity we face when we reach an "intersection". An intersection is that moment when we become aware of the automatic habit ingrained in our subconscious. In that fraction of a second - between an action and reaction - is our pivot zone. This is where we can consciously choose a powerful new direction. This excerpt from the end of the book highlights a few examples of how other women have embraced their pivot zone, It is easier than you think with three simple steps to follow, Download now to unleash that life-changing potential in your life too...

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Is The Glass Ceiling Also A Mirror? Your Lion Inside Inspiration Guide

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