Your Lion Inside

"It is with much devotion that this book after two years of preparation is done! Truly a labor of love! Having trained thousands of women around the globe, the message of the book is meant to inspire. I have worked hard to connect the dots of the larger narrative at play when it comes to the empowerment of women. True stories of transformation, real questions by women just like you, and captivating thoughts designated to tap into the power within. A book for ourselves, our friends, our bosses and most importantly, our daughters."

Is the Glass Ceiling Also a Mirror™

To create a culture that values what women bring to the table, what comes first - collective change or individual change. Do they have to change first? Or do each of us have to take the first step?

As long as "they" are the problem the answer is "out there" - above us, below us, beside us - will never fully embrace the real source of our power.

The thing is, we have an enemy far greater than any cultural expectation, organization bias, or misguided law designed to keep us in "our place". Like an outdated pair of glasses, the enemy is the misperception that distorts what we see every morning when we look in the mirror.

How you see yourself. That's the leverage no one is talking about. Change your words - change your world. The way you see yourself each day IS the answer you seek.

Meet Kari, Ranee, Gabi, Darsha, Avalene, Jalila, and Nikki. Quite the crew they are: endearing, fun, outspoken, creative, and courageous. Together, they are the Sisterhood of Seven. Their mindsets will be familiar - I have to be perfect. I need permission. If I have worked hard enough, I will be rewarded. Their stories will be life-changing.

The Sisterhood of Seven is a light in the darkness for all women, a manual of truth that transcends age, culture, economic status or leadership position. Let it prove that, without doubt, you are already enough. That even in the midst of society's drumbeat of BE more - DO more - GIVE more, life does not have to be hard. Let it teach you new ways of thinking that will elevate your life, professionally and personally. Their wisdom will inspire you to rewrite your personal narrative, day-to-day, decision by decision.

When we each do this and truly

OWN our piece of the narrative, there will be a collective ROAR so loud that everyone will be able to hear. There will no mistaken the strength and beauty that stands tall, proud and noble.

The glass ceiling will be crumbling down.

At last, sweet sisters, at last.

It starts with you and me. Right here. Right now.