A little about us and why we can help...

Kimberly Faith, a thought leader in systems thinking and personal branding, inspires leaders with an eye opening way of understanding the concept of a personal brand. Her wealth of knowledge and experience working with 24,000 leaders is the foundation for Breakthru Branding™.  She offers tested frameworks, tools, and processes which can serve as a career catalyst.

I fell into this insightful understanding of personal branding by accident. Fortune 500 companies would hire me as an executive coach. They would ask me to help a leader grow their executive presence. This phrase became a catch all phrase for what no one was able to articulate. It became evident we could adjust skills on the outside but if we did not address the deeper mindsets, our efforts would be short-lived. My understanding of systems thinking inspired me to design a personal branding system. This system, now known as Breakthru Branding™, can serve as a road map to career success. I am proud to offer this course online so thousands more can benefit from the knowledge.

Course Benefits

Breakthru Branding™ is an online experience which provides a framework for career success. It offers five modules carefully showcasing each component of personal branding. The frameworks and tools you will learn have been used successfully with thousands of leaders.  You will have everything you need to take a comprehensive look at your personal brand.

If you have ever missed out on a job or did not receive that promotion, you will learn how to take yourself to the next level. Course Includes:

  • 21 Days of Learning
  • Same Day Access
  • Videos, MP3's, Frameworks, Checklists, and Worksheets
  • One-on-One Coaching via Skype

Why Invest in Your Future Today

The landscape of career advancement has changed significantly in the past decade and no one bothered to say it out loud. In the past, the boss or the company was in the driver’s seat guiding you each step of the way. Now YOU are expected to be in the driver’s seat of your career.

What comes to mind when people hear your name? If you have been too busy doing the work that you have never given thought to your OWN brand, then it is time. NO ONE IS GOING TO BUILD YOUR BRAND EXCEPT FOR YOU!

Accept it – Own it – Drive it!

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