Keynote Speaking

The Story Behind the Keynotes

  • The list of keynotes below is based on key themes that have surfaced while working with over 20,000 leaders.
  • A hallmark of my speaking is to interactively engage the learner in order to facilitate their learning. Adults learn best by doing.
  • The key underlying theme to all I do and the overarching philosophy which propels me out of bed and onto airplanes is inspiring leaders, women, and audiences across the world to Own the Power You DO Have™

BreakThru Branding™

No One is Going to Build Your Brand Except for YOU™ – At its core, personal branding is the intersection of credibility and influence. What happens when you have high influence but don’t have the credibility to back it up? Your brand will eventually run out of steam. What happens to the leaders with enormous credibility, but who lack the influencing skills to make sure what they say matters? This keynote maps out what happens at this intersection and, more importantly, outlines 7 steps you need to do to fine tune your Branding Compass©.

Coaching & Facilitating

Kim is well-versed in a variety of executive coaching methods. She is often hired through Black Sheep Unleashed for executive coaching focused on communications and executive presence. Other clients have engaged Kim to become an internal certified coach for programs like InsideOut Coaching or to be a 360 coach for an internal customized program. Kim has used DISC, Strengthfinders, and a variety of internal assessments to assist with the coaching engagement.

Training & Consulting

Kim has a close relationship with Black Sheep Unleashed with whom she is proud to be associated.

Black Sheep is best known for communication and executive presence training. “Jeff Black and I first met in 1990’s when we met through Leadership South Carolina. We have long shared a passion for helping leaders communicate with greater influence. I have watched Jeff grow Black Sheep from a single person company (with only the Black Sheep of course) to a boutique consulting firm with a global brand harnessing the talents of numerous consultants. His work with companies like GE, Lockheed Martin, Notre Dame, NBC, and Capgemini has made Black Sheep a trusted resource in enhancing leader’s executive presence. He has assembled a terrific team. Their experience ranges from using humor/storytelling to influence all the way to an explosion of interest in improv as way to teach leaders how to think on their feet. I am proud to have co-authored by first book with Jeff Black and Carol Hamilton.View Book Exciting times are ahead!” Kim is a senior communications consultant with Black Sheep and sought after executive coach.